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Criminal Defense

Defend Yourself Against Criminal Charges

Start Early When you are Facing Criminal Charges

Getting experienced criminal defense counsel involved at the earliest possible stage can be crucial to the outcome of your case. Most people that are charged with a crime wait weeks or months after being charged before they seek legal help. Waiting to hire an attorney and not seeking immediate help can only hurt your case and ability to prepare a defense. 

Mills Law Firm has handled thousands of criminal cases, including:

  • Drug crimes (possession, transfer, sale, and trafficking)

  • Theft (grand larceny, burglary, false pretense, credit card fraud, embezzlement, and bad checks)

  • Violent crimes (murder, robbery, manslaughter, aggravated and simple assault)

  • Numerous other offenses

By far, the most common criminal charge in our court system today is drug related offenses.

Drug Possession & Transfer

Mississippi laws place serious consequences on convictions for drug possession, sale and transfer of a controlled substance. When you have been arrested for a drug crime, your freedom may be at risk, and you may be facing years of jail time, fines, court cost, and loss of your driving privileges. Attorney Brad Mills has handled hundreds of drug possession, sale and transfer cases and is more than experienced to help protect you and your rights.

Drug Interdiction/Drug Trafficking

Police action to prevent trafficking in illegal drugs often begins with a simple traffic stop, often on the highways and interstates. Almost always, the stop continues with questioning, involvement of narcotics detection dogs and searches of your vehicle.

At Mills Law Firm, we believe that justice cannot be obtained when police have unfettered discretion in criminal matters. We can’t be on the side of the road to make sure that the police do not overstep their boundaries, but we can be there to make sure that illegal and unwanted searches, seizures, and intrusions do not go unnoticed.

In drug interdiction matters, our firm will provide and prepare a strong and effective criminal defense after investigating the facts of your case and research the law that applies.

If you or someone close to you is facing criminal charges, please give Mills Law Firm a call at (601) 420-2030 or toll free at (888) 596-0811.