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DUI 2016 Changes: What You Need to Know

The DUI Transparency Act SB 2778

During the 2016 Legislature Session, SB 2778 passed in the Mississippi Senate and House. This bill changed a few poignant aspects about DUI laws including suspensions, non-adjudications, and forfeitures of cars during DUIs. The bill is named The DUI Transparency Act and there are ten high points that you should know:

  1. For a 90-day or 1 year license suspension for DUI, you can get an interlock-grid device installed in your vehicle (along with acquiring a special interlock-restricted license) and continue to drive during the suspension time period.

  2. You can request an extension of your driving privileges up until the final order of conviction is entered by the court.

  3. New license suspensions are as follows: 120 days for 1st DUI, one year for 2nd offense, three years following release from jail for the 3rd offense, and ten years following release for 4th time offenders.

  4. If a Judge sentences you to MAESEP courses after a DUI conviction, you now have 6 months to complete the classes instead of a year under the old law.

  5. There are eligibility restrictions for those trying to obtain the interlock-restricted license outlined in the bill.

  6. For any fourth or subsequent DUI, it will be considered a felony, regardless of how much time has elapsed between earlier convictions for DUI.

  7. If you have never had a charge non-adjudicated under DUI laws before and meet certain criteria (first time offender), you can petition the court for an expungement of the DUI after 5 years of successful completion of the court’s order.

  8. The non-adjudication orders for DUIs no longer require a hearing – the documents can be submitted and reviewed by the court after completing the program.

  9. Forfeiture of vehicles during third or subsequent DUIs will no longer occur.

  10. The bill will become effective on October 1, 2016.

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